Nixsi Introduces New Range of Products

Nixsi, a known name in UK’s foot care market, now announces two new foot creams for dry feet – warming and cooling. With some differences in ingredients, both creams will offer complete protection from scratches, cracks, bleeding heels, dryness, odor and itchiness.

Nixsi Foot Creams cater major areas of skin and foot problems. However, the core focuses of Nixsi’s all natural creams are feet and heels. During the winter when the skin is prone to dryness, heels often get the worst impact. The area near heels is already tough and thanks to dryness, the area further hardens and results in cracking which can be painful for people, especially diabetics.

Similarly, uncomfortable footwear and intense activities and workouts can also affect heels badly. So these cracked and damaged heels need extra care.

Nixsi’s creams are full of natural goodness, thanks to more than half a dozen natural ingredients. Both Cooling and Warming creams contain ultra pure lanolin which is proven moisture-reinstating element. In addition, the ultra-pure variation used in Nixsi foot cream is allergy-proof.

Common ingredients in Cooling and Warming creams are camphor bark oil, peppermint oil, black pepper oil and anise oil. Not only are these ingredients organic, these are also known relievers of stress, pain, inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago. These very ingredients are also known to heal dry heels, cracks, eczema and other skin issues.

These ingredients are also recognized for their enchanting aroma and when merged together in Nixsi cream, they will also neutralize the odor, the fungi and the bacteria in the feet.

The key difference between two variants comes from two ingredients – Lavender, which is used in Cooling Cream and Eucalyptus oil, which is the unique constituent of Warming Cream.

Lavender in Nixsi Cooling Cream improves blood circulation, relaxes stiff muscles and deodorizes smelly feet. Lavender can also provide relief from inflammation and pain.

The Eucalyptus oil used on the other hand will soothe the feet and cure them from fibrosis and nerve pain. In chilly winters where extremities feel the most cooling, Nixsi’s warming cream will be able to keep the body warm and the feet protected.

To get Nixsi Cooling and Warming Foot Creams, or to know more about them, click the contact button or visit Nixsi at the head office at:

Heraldic House, 160-162 Cranbrook Road, London, IG1 4PE United Kingdom.