Clinical Trial


A 7 day, single-blind randomized controlled trial. 48 patients were randomized into 1 of 3 arms:

  • Petroleum Jelly (control)
  • Nixsi Warming and Relaxing Foot Cream
  • Cooling and Relaxing Foot Cream

All participants were asked to rank the dryness and condition of their feet both prior to the treatment commencing and again at the end of treatment with a score of 1 to 10 (with 1 being extremely dry and cracked and 10 completely soft and moisturized).


After 14 days, a much greater level of improvement was seen in the condition of the feet of participants using either Nixsi Foot Cream for cracked heels or Nixsi cooling and relaxing Foot Cream when compared to participants using Petroleum Jelly.

There was no difference in efficacy between the Nixsi Warming and Relaxing Foot Cream and Nixsi Cooling and Relaxing Foot Cream for dry feet; they were both highly efficacious when compared to Petroleum Jelly.

93% of users reported that Nixsi foot creams significantly improved the condition of their feet and they will recommend it to others.