Top 10 Foot Care tips in Summer

2 Jun

Summer is coming!!! Take Care of your feet in the hot weather of summer by these great 10 tips! Foot Care Tips in summer Always take plenty of water as it gets you hydrated and feet do not get dry. Do not over-expose your feet in summer heat. Do not walk much bare foot Daily […]

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Amazing benefits of foot cream for dry feet

25 May

One of the areas of our body which most people tend to ignore is feet. But if we really look, it is the part of our body that requires most attention. There are various types of foot cream which are used to address problems of feet such as foot cream for dry feet, cracked heels, […]

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What are the 7 major ingredients in foot cream for dry feet?

3 May

  There are many foot creams in the market which turned out and proved to be the most efficient as foot cream for dry feet for best feet treatment. Most of them are commercially targeted and just getting fame and publicity in the market for getting huge sale and consumer focus. Foot is the best […]

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