About Your Feet

The foot has more than 7,000 nerve endings, providing the high degree of sensory input required to help us walk and balance over many different surfaces. The skin on the foot doesn't produce oil, as this would make the foot slippery. It also doesn't have any hair follicles. In addition, we have more sweat glands on our feet than anywhere else on our body, around 3,000 per square inch, that's around 125,000 on each foot! Their function is to regulate our body temperature and cool us down by eliminating fluid in the form of sweat.

The particular thickness of the foot's skin, which is around three to four times thicker than the average skin depth on other parts of the body, is necessary to absorb the stresses of standing and walking. To protect it from the millions of impacts it has to endure, the skin on the foot thickens in response, and does it much faster than on thinner skin elsewhere on the body. The thicker skin on the foot also provides a virtually waterproof covering.

Because the skin on the foot is so different, it's not surprising that products designed for use on skin on other parts of the body will not be as effective on the sole of the foot.

Nixsi foot creams are specially formulated to care for the unique characteristics of the skin on the feet.

The ultra pure lanolin and a blend of natural essential aromatherapy oils used in Nixsi foot creams are specifically chosen and formulated for the skin on your feet, ideal for dry, rough, scaly and cracked skin.

Dry and Cracked Feet:

Dry and cracked heels are quite a common problem for women with busy schedule, especially if the summer months when weather is hot and dry. This is caused by the skin becoming dehydrated, which then makes the edges of the heels hard which become stressed and split. This skin can also become yellow or off-white in color.

Initially, it is not much more than a minor irritation and cosmetic problem. But, if left untreated, the cracked skin begins to bleed can soon become very painful and may lead to more serious conditions.

  • Nixsi foot creams are specially formulated to care for the unique characteristics of the skin on the feet.
  • Nixsi foot creams especially created for excessively dry, rough, scaly and cracked feet. Its unique formulation contains a blend of 100% natural essential aromatherapy oils which supplies the skin with all their exceptional natural therapeutic properties.
  • Nixsi® is a Lipid-rich cream that rubs into the skin quickly, leaving the feet feeling silky and smooth immediately. Its intensive moisturizing properties repair and provide protection against rough, dry and cracked skin.
  • Regular use of Nixsi foot creams leaves the feet soft, relaxed and pampered.