About Us

The journey of Nixsi foot creams began when the options for treating dry foot and cracked heels were very limited in the market. As long serving members of the UK healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, we have always been really passionate about recommending products to patients that were safe, effective and made a real difference to their lives. Untreated dry and cracked feet, especially when coupled with conditions such as diabetes can have debilitating effects on sufferers. It became clear that the foot creams and foot balms available either contained chemicals which were harmful to the skin especially if used long term, and if natural, they were not effective enough.

Nixsi began formulating its foot cream with 2 simple aims. The foot creams should be –

  • Highly effective against dry and cracked feet
  • Made of natural ingredients

Our research team soon successfully achieved the task of developing two foot creams which were natural, safe and clinically proven to be highly effective. These are today known as 'Nixsi cooling and relaxing foot cream' and Nixsi warming and relaxing foot cream.

Our products are never tested on animals, are free from parabens and all unnatural chemicals and are manufactured in the UK under pharmaceutical GMP standards.

Nixsi Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom. Company registration number 07281690