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    Unique formulation
    Specially created for excessively dry, rough & cracked feet
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    Regular use of Nixsi cracked foot and Heel Cream
    Leaves the feet soft, relaxed and pampered
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    Intensive Moistursing Foot Balms
    Contain 100% natural essential aromatherapy oils


- Very effective against dry, rough and cracked feet

- Natural & Luxurious ingredients - No Synthetic Chemicals

- Causes no allergic reaction to those sensitive to Lanolin

- Clinically proven results

- Made in the UK under pharmaceutical GMP standards

- Unique formulation leaves the feet soft and refreshed

Nixsi foot creams are specifically formulated to care for the unique characteristics of the skin on the feet

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Nixsi dry foot cream are a natural, safe and very effective treatment for the treatment of dry and chapped feet and cracked heels.The skin on the feet is unique and different to the skin in other parts of your body, therefore a unique cream is required to treat your feet. After extensive research of natural products on the feet, Nixsi was developed and designed for a range of most commonly occurring cosmetic foot problems.

The unique formulation of Nixsi dry foot cream leaves your feet feeling smooth and looking healthier form the very first use.

Nixsi’s unique and carefully selected ingredients include a blend of essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint, Aniseed, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Piper nigrum and Cinnamomum camphora. Collectively they provide the feet with additional therapeutic benefits, such as relieving aches and pains, relaxing and calming the muscles, improving blood circulation and eliminating foot odours.

So whether you enjoy wearing flip flops in the summer or relax at home in front of the fireplace with your feet bare, you can do that more confidently and enjoyably after using Nixsi foot care products for cracked heels with your new fabulous smooth heels and silky smooth soles.

All our products are free from parabens and harmful chemicals and have never been, or ever will be tested on animals. They are manufactured in the United Kingdom and comply with European and USA pharmaceutical and GMP standards.

Our new range of foot care products for cracked heels is developed with a new formula having balance of panthenol, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin that soothes and soften the dry layers of the skin. Nixsi celebrates a history of producing safe and miraculous products for customers of all skin types. No need to spend money on bunch of balms, creams, ointments and lotions if you can buy a product with enough properties to heal all your skin problems. Our foot cream for dry feet can do wonders with their formula superbly blended with ample amount of antioxidants, potent enzymes and several multi-vitamins including A, C and E.


What is in Nixsi dry foot cream?

Nixis foot cream for cracked feet are produced with best combination of nature and science. Our foot cream for dry feet is a subtle blend of nature and is modern medicine. The elements we use for making the creams for cracked heels is outstanding due to its incredible healing characteristics which are aniseed, camphorwood, eucalyptus, peppermint, black pepper and lavender. These are the natural herbs and extracts which can make your foot more beautiful and let them protect from all kinds of feet diseases like eczema, cracked heels, and dry feet.

Why Nixsi foot cream for dry feet?

Our company has specialized in producing special foot cream for dry feet and sensitive skins as their antifungal and antimicrobial properties relief you feet from feeling itchiness or pain. With the daily application of our dry foot cream, you can feel your feet to be more soft, supple and active in your everyday routine. Our dry foot cream is non-greasy and completely non greasy in terms of applications. Our dry foot cream comes with a gentle and soft texture that penetrates deeply inside the layers of skin to repair, recover and recuperate the dry and dead layers of your feet. Nixsi foot care products for cracked heels are completely formulated as per the standards and regulations of GMP and FDA.

What can Nixsi creams do for your cracked heels?

  1. Loosens the tight skin cells to eliminate stiffness in feet muscles
  2. Cures common skin problems including Eczema and lymphedema
  3. Cures completely from Itchiness, redness, roughness and rashness
  4. Heals all types of skin including dry, rough, patchy and flaky skin
  5. Slightly scented formula that eliminates odor completely from your feet
  6. Penetrates deeper inside dead skin cells to Improves blood circulation
  7. Works as moisture magnet to attract and absorb water to your dry skin

What’s more?

Our foot cream for cracked heels provides long-lasting protection against dryness and cracks and benefits diabetic patients by improving their blood circulation. Our nourishing creams are formulated with newer and improved revolutionary technology suitable for feet health. We have received reviews and positive feedbacks from thousands of patients who have already used this cream and said goodbye to their pains! You can also try it at least once, not because we claim it, but to regain your youthful skin that you’ve always dreamed of. Click the buy now button or browse our full range of foot creams for cracked heels because it might be your chance to say goodbye to your dry skin!

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